5/25 @ LAD – BOTG #45

These road games on the west coast have been rough on me the last several years. Maybe I’m getting old, or maybe the 3 kids are wearing me out. I just can’t stay awake for the entire game when it starts at 9:10 pm. Not gonna happen.

My BOTG is another great one from a local brewery called Saint Arnold Brewing Company. If you are from Houston and haven’t heard of Saint Arnold by now…well, hurry up and getcha some. I’d especially recommend the Summer Pils, which is what I chose for tonight’s game. Even the squirrels in Houston like this beer!

Ignore the almond on top of the bottle. The squirrel is clearly craving some Summer Pils!

I agree with the rodent. This is one tasty beverage! Let’s hear from the brewer to see what the fuss is all about with this summer seasonal.

A true bohemian-style pilsner. Crisp and refreshing, this beer is perfect for a hot summer day. Saint Arnold Summer Pils has a delicate, sweet malt taste complemented by an abundant hop aroma and flavor. This beer is brewed with fine German malt, and a copious quantity of “noble” hops imported from the Czech Republic.

As you know by now if you are a regular reader, the above text is just an excerpt from the Saint Arnold website. I highly recommend hitting up the site and reading about the history of this beer. It’s pretty interesting stuff. Now on to my review!

Clear, crisp, cooooool.

Beer Review:
Summer Pils pours up crystal clear and is a light golden color. The head is formed of largeish bubbles that are white, and it’s easily two fingers tall with a normal pour. The head has pretty good retention until the first sip, then it quickly recedes to leave a nice cap on top of the beer. The head also left thin, white lacing on the glass. We’re off to a pretty nice start with this pilsner.

The aroma of Summer Pils doesn’t disappoint. The first notes that hit me are grassy and spicy. Next comes the aroma of sweet grain. It smells like a pilsner, but better. There’s more going on here than with your run-of-the-mill pils.

Summer Pils tastes like liquid gold. It’s crisp, fresh, and habit-forming. The bready German malts are just sweet enough to perfectly balance the spicy, grassy hop bitterness. There is also a hint of lemon that makes the beer even more refreshing. It has a smooth finish that leaves you ready for another sip as soon as the previous one is gone.

Saint Arnold spent several years perfecting the recipe for this brew, and I think they have hit it out of the park (baseball reference ftw!). I always used to tell people that this is my favorite Saint Arnold beer. I say “used to” because now Endeavor Double IPA is my favorite. However, Endeavor is sold year-round, and Summer Pils is only a summer seasonal. Therefore, my joy at seeing those tie-dyed six-pack carriers hit the shelves has not diminished one iota. It might be the only thing that keeps these Houston summers bearable! I give this beer a Home Run!

The label for this beer is awesome, but not nearly as awesome as the contents inside!

Astros Review:
One of my favorite hashtags on Twitter (besides #rootrootdrink of course) is #cantpredictbaseball. Here’s a good one from Dave Raymond (@daveramond4).

You get the idea. Well, last night the Astros faced the Dodgers in L.A. The Dodgers sent out the reigning Cy Young award winner, Clayton Kershaw, against the reigning “worst team in baseball”. Obviously, year-to-year things change. However, earlier this season Kershaw dominated the Astros in Houston by striking out 9 batters over 7 shutout innings.

Add to that, the Dodgers have the best home record in all of baseball, and the Astros are tied for the worst road record in MLB at 5-13.

Well, get out your hashtags because you #cantpredictbaseball!! The Astros went into Chavez Ravine and beat the Kershaw and the Dodgers 3-1!

Perhaps this victory wouldn’t have been so “shocking” if we had our ace on the mound as well, but the Astros sent Lucas Harrell to the bump to face off against the Cy Young winner from 2011. I don’t even know how to describe Harrell’s performance last night. Did he outpitch Kershaw? It’s hard to say that, but the results are there staring me in the face. Harrell threw 7 1/3 shutout innings and Kershaw allowed 3 runs. The strange thing is that Lucas Harrell didn’t strike out a single Dodger hitter. Not only that, but he didn’t get even one swing and miss from a batter. Think about that for a second. Let it simmer. Ponder life’s mysteries… You done? Good. Every single time that a Dodger took at swing they made contact. You know what that means? You #cantpredictbaseball

The other thing that I would be crazy not to mention is the fact that J.D. Martinez MAY BE OUT OF HIS SLUMP! After a pretty nice series against the worst team in baseball (the wonderful Cubs), he jacked a 2-run homer off one of the best pitchers in MLB. I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself here, but if Martinez starts driving in runs again then this Astros team just got a lot more dangerous.

The Astros’ record after tonight is 22-23, and they have 6 more games in May. They only have to go 4-2 to end May with a record above .500! That’s just freaking incredible. I love this team, and I love to #rootrootdrink them on to victory!

Go ‘Stros!

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