5/28 @ COL – BOTG #48

I have the perfect BOTG for Memorial Day.  It’s called Homefront IPA from Saint Arnold Brewing Co.  When I heard that Saint Arnold was making a special release beer with 100% of the profits going to Operation Homefront I knew that I had to pick up a bottle or two to support the men and women who have fought for our great country.  Check out Saint Arnold’s website for their write-up of how this beer came to be.  It’s a great cause, and *spoiler alert* a pretty great beer!

I love how Saint Arnold makes each beer label distinct, but still manages to keep it so obvious that it’s a Saint Arnold brew. Cool!

The beer is a drinkable West Coast IPA. It pours a golden amber with a big white head. It has a big citrusy nose with a slight note of fresh oranges.

Malty and sweet up front. Lighter bodied than might be expected. The hop bitter, orange peel and hop flavor seem to all kick in at the finish. Remarkably easy to drink for an IPA with the orange notes more of a secret ingredient than a dominant flavor. Quite thirst quenching making it perfect for enjoying during Memorial Day weekend.

Consume this beer fresh as the hop flavor is best enjoyed this way.

Well, I bought the beer on Saturday and drank it on Monday.  I’m doing my best to follow Saint Arnold’s directions and drink it fresh.  I’d rather taste it right out of the tanks, but until I’m a VIP this will have to do.

I tasted this beer in an 8 oz. Saint Arnold glass. The bottle isn’t really THAT huge.

Beer Review:
Homefront IPA pours up a clear, golden color.  The white, foamy head is a little taller than a finger width and left sparse lacing on it’s way down the glass.  The head recedes slowly and leaves a trace of bubbles on the surface.

This beer isn’t quite as aromatic as I expected from a West Coast style IPA, but the hop aroma is of tropical citrus fruits and very floral.  I definitely got a whiff of orange, but it’s not nearly as dominant as I expected.  The malt shows up a bit more as it warmed, and overall Homefront IPA smells like a well-balanced brew.

The taste is of citrusy hops upfront with the clean biscuit malt flavors balancing out the finish.  The beer is very carbonated, and so crisp and refreshing.  However, I liked the taste and mouthfeel of Homefront IPA much more when it was cold and fresh out of the bottle.  Don’t let your glass warm up!

I drank this beer during the 1st game of the day/night doubleheader while I was playing outside with the family.  Thanks again to all the great men and women who have served our country to allow me to do something as simple and wonderful as that.  I could drink Homefront IPA every day, and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t picked up a bottle yet.  It’s a great beer for a great cause.  I give this beer a Triple!

Astros Review:
This one hurt.  Too many errors.  Just all around bad defensive effort.

I like the way the offense kept battling back, but you have to play good defense in Colorado.  Mistakes will kill you every single time.

We gotta win the second game of the doubleheader.  Go ‘Stros!

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