5/28 @ COL – BOTG #49

Game 2 of the day/night doubleheader means I need another BOTG.  Luckily, my friend Kevin hooked me up today with two of his homebrews.  One is a black IPA and the other is a barleywine.  I’m going to go with the black IPA tonight, because I’ve got to go to work in the morning.  It’s been a rough weekend of #rootrootdrinking.

I don’t have any links to the brewery or cut and paste bloggery since this is a homebrewed beverage so let’s jump straight into the review!

*update* I forgot to ask Kevin the name of the beer, but he just got back to me and said that it’s called Dark Matter IPA.  The BOTG has a name!

The label is photoshopped. The foam is real.

Beer Review:
This beer Dark Matter pours up nearly black.  When held up to light you can see it’s actually very, VERY dark brown, but it has good clarity.  As you can see in the picture to the left the head is…awesomely large.  It’s a dark tan color and made up of tiny bubbles that stick around forever.  Lace was left in rings all the way down the pint glass, and I can’t wait to stick my nose in it.

The aroma is roasty, malty and hoppy all at the same time.  The toasted malt aroma is up front and I picked up some notes of toffee or caramel as well.  The hop aroma is at the back and it’s more of the earthy, piney resin variety.  It’s well-balanced and subtle.

The first thing that comes to mind regarding the taste of this black IPA Dark Matter is balance.  It’s got everything you could want, and nothing sticks out like a sore thumb.  It’s got hints of caramel and chocolate from the roasted malts, but the hops win out at the finish.  The hop flavor follows the nose and is spicy and piney, but not TOO bitter.  Again, balance is the name of the game here.  It has a dry mouthfeel, and I’m left wanting another sip as soon as I finish the previous one. Very nice.

Overall, the saddest part of this beer Dark Matter is that I only had one.  It’s one of the easiest drinking beers that I’ve had in a while.  I will admit that I am partial to black IPAs, but that being said, this is a damn good example of the style.   I highly recommend finding Kevin’s house and stalking him for weeks until he gives you a bottle of your own.  It’s worth any restraining order he can dish out.  I give this beer a Home Run! (would have been a Triple, but you just can’t beat the price point!)  Thank you so much Kevin!  Great job on a great beer.

Astros Review:
Another nailbiter in Colorado in the second game of the doubleheader.  Seriously though, what is up with our defense all of a sudden?!?  I am listening to the game instead of watching it, but it seems like every inning there has been some sort of misplayed ball or error.  This team simply can not afford to make this many mistakes and win a game.

Now we are going deep into our bullpen.  This has gone horribly for us so far this year.  Especially on the road.  Brandon Lyon is in the game now, and I have all my fingers and toes crossed.  Not my legs though.  I’m a man, damnit.  And Brandon Lyon tosses a perfect 9th inning in relief.

We are getting free baseball on a doubleheader day.  Can Wandy pitch again?

Hopefully this has a happy ending, but I won’t be awake to see it.  It’s been a great Memorial Day weekend, but I am straight up exhausted.  Hopefully the Astros have some energy left!  Go ‘Stros!

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One Response to 5/28 @ COL – BOTG #49

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks Jeff. Looks like that one carbonated well. I had received reviews from previous homebrew competitions that some of my beers were under carbonated and the head quickly dissipated. I would say I’ve fixed that problem. You asked about the hops… it contains 5 varieties: Summit, Columbus, Magnum, Cascade, and Ahtanum.

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