6/3 vs CIN – BOTG #54

There’s been a lot of news coverage lately about the dude in Miami who got naked and started eating a homeless guy’s face.  Here’s an example of the coverage from the Miami Herald. Nude face-eating cannibal? Must be Miami

I’ve read a few  a lot of books about zombies, and there is usually a common theme in the beginning of every story.  Some “zombie” attacks a person and everyone tries to explain it away as an isolated incident.  The “zombie” must have some strange disease.  The “zombie” went crazy.  The “zombie” was on some bad trip from drug usage.  Nobody ever says it’s the living dead, and that there’s obviously a zombie apocalypse coming.

If you haven’t read that article from the Miami Herald I linked to, go read it now.  I’ll wait.

Done?  Wow, you are a fast reader.  Ok, did you notice how the writer is trying look for “rational” explanations for the attack?  Drugs, psychosis, the usual.  HOW ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY THAT THE DUDE IS A ZOMBIE?!?  All I’m saying is keep a close eye on the homeless guy who’s recovering in the hospital.  If he tries something similar to a nurse or doctor…  Just sayin’.

So in recognition of the impending zombie attack I choose a BOTG called Zombie Dust by Three Floyds Brewing.  This beer isn’t available in Texas, but it has a REALLY high rating on Beer Advocate and RateBeer so I wanted to give it a try.  It was difficult to get, but I’ll give you a little spoiler for the review.  It was totally worth it.  Here’s what Three Floyds has to say about this fantastic American Pale Ale.

This intensely hopped and gushing undead pale ale will be ones’ only respite after the zombie apocalypse. Created with our marvelous friends in the comic industry. Art by Tim Seeley

Really cool artwork on this label. I think I can see some of the comic book influence. Just a little bit.

Not a lot of info on the site, but luckily there’s a LOT of awesome in the bottle.

This beer really is as delicious as it looks.

Beer Review:
Zombie Dust pours up a dark orangish, copper color with a little bit of haze to it.  There’s a very nice head on it that’s easily two fingers tall.  The head is cream-colored and quite foamy, and it leaves medium lacing in rings after every gulp.

Only Citra hops are used in the recipe for this American Pale Ale.  That’s fairly common.  What’s not quite so common is how amazing and complex the aroma is even using only one variety of hops.  The sweet tropical citrus note is most dominant, but there are hints of orange and floral notes as well.  The huge floral aroma is followed by notes of caramel and sweet malts.  Honestly I can say that this is one of the best smelling beers I have ever sampled.  It reminds me VERY much of my current favorite beer, Endeavor, from Saint Arnold Brewing.

If the smell of Zombie Dust hadn’t completely won me over I would have been easily convinced of this beer’s awesomeness after my first sip.  The taste follows the nose by enveloping your mouth with pure Citra hop goodness.  Tropical fruits like pineapple or mango are upfront, but there are notes of ruby red grapefruit or sweet navel orange in there as well.  The crazy delicious hop flavors are complimented wonderfully with the sweetness of the bready, caramelly malts.  It’s not overly bitter in the finish, but it does leave a subtle dryness after each sip which makes it extremely pleasant to take sip after sip after GULP.

Zombie Dust is one of the best APAs that I’ve ever had.  It’s a damn shame that I can’t get this beer in TX.  I would try to have this stocked in my beer fridge year-round.  I give this beer a Grand Slam!

Astros Review:
Astros win!  We finally broke out of the 8 game losing streak that’s been depressing as heck for all of us die-hard Astros fans.  I fully expected them to have some tough stretches this season, but it’s still not easy to deal with.  Especially after they were SO CLOSE to making it back to .500!  Hopefully this win today will get them back on track.

I have to start the review by mentioning Jordan Lyles’ stellar pitching performance.  He only allowed 5 hits and 2 earned runs, but the most important stat of his game was the 7 innings pitched.  Our bullpen has been severely overworked the last week or so, and they sorely needed a starter to go deep in a game.  Lyles did his job masterfully.  It earned him his first W of the season, and hopefully was a big confidence boost for him.  This organization needs Jordan to succeed in a big way.

I’ll also give a quick shout out to Justin Maxwell for his mammoth 2-run blast in the 7th inning that gave us a 3 run cushion.  It was the third pinch hit home run that Maxwell has hit this season, and all three have been BOMBS.  This dude is strong.  Seriously strong.

Finally, I want to mention Brett Wallace and Fernando Martinez.  I think it’s great that these guys got called up and have another shot in the majors to showcase their skills.  Matt Downs is a quality guy, but at this point I’d much rather see if Wallace can make it in the big leagues.  And Martinez has been mashing the ball all year in AAA while Bogusevic has been struggling with the Astros.  Management definitely did the right thing by calling this dude up.  He’s had a rough first couple of games, but I think he’s a capable hitter.  Give him a few months, and let’s see what we have.

All in all, great win tonight to break the losing streak.  Hopefully they stay focused and come back on Tuesday ready to kick some Cardinals butt.  Go ‘Stros!

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